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🎲🎲Tales From Brandonia Season 1

Hey All,

Just an update email to let you know that I uploaded the entire first season of our 🎲Dungeons & Dragons🎲 live stream show UNCUT. It's available to everyone with a membership. We are currently streaming these episodes LIVE on Tuesdays 5pm Eastern time over at Twitch 👉👈 We are in Season 2 right now but I will be uploading Season 2 episodes 1- 9 by the end of this month along with a few new comedy sketches.

I recently filmed a funny sketch where I call Alec Baldwin at 3AM. Hopefully that one will release by the end of this month but I'm not editing that one so we shall see.

I will have another email update for you before the end of the month when I post a new sketch Tim & I will be shooting over the next 3 days. Have a great rest of your week,

Ryan from Hive Mentality


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FREE T-shirt For Members! 😁

This month we are going LIVE

🌿Happy 4-20!!!!!🌿😮‍💨

We Were HACKED During Live Broadcast!!

❤️❤️ Will you be my Valentine?

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